tsuna varia cloud guardian fanfiction. Sky: Everything that's happened to Tsuna . Incandescent Chapter 1: 1:01 Departure, a Katekyo Hitman Reborn! + Tokyo Ghoul/東京喰種トーキョーグール Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. She want to prove the rumor about him being the strongest person in Namimori. Earlier, when the child Tsuna found that memory card called Digi Memory, it was actually Byakuran himself disguised as a memory to help him along the way and to give him the Xros Loader so that he can officially began. Please make me believe that this is not a sin. Once Squalo informed the rest of the Varia while Tsuna was sleeping, the whole Varia trained and trained. S02:E40 - The Battle of the Rings Begins!. Tsuna had been fifteen at the time, so it probably should have been obvious to Lambo that Tsuna would at least be able to remember, more than Lambo, because he didn't remember anything about his younger self having the Ten Year Bazooka. She was cut off from her Guardians and left in his care. The matches against Varia were really taking a toll on his brother's side. Tsuna was not the Vongola Decimo and he had never met his Guardians and instead, he had became a Guardian and the Guardian of the Varia at that. "Tsuna!!" Said the rain-guy followed by the sun guardian shouting "SAWADA!!" loudly. , Reborn] - Chapters: 21 - Words: 121,361 - Reviews: 183 - Favs: 907. Chapter 35: Battle for Rings: Storm & Rain. He is also sometimes considered the founder’s reincarnation, due to how similar they look. Khr xanxus x reader (future) The return of xanxus's childhood friend , who is the new cloud guardian of varia. Varia knew that Levi, though the weakest one among us all, was strong enough to beat a baby cow. Tsuna smiled, it was just like his cloud guardian, Hibari probably couldn't stand crowding much longer. Katekyo Hitman Reborn/Fanfic Recs. Secret: Wants someone to love her and for her to love. It took eight years, but their work paid off. He's letting the two of us stay together as well as some other things. Tsuna has had a bad dream and is worried about Hibari. Synopsis: A series of stories that pick up after the Varia arc and turn into an alternate story-line instead of following into the Future Arc. The Kokuyo Arc follows Tsuna and his Family's attempt at saving Fuuta from the Kokuyo Junior High Gang. A story of a guy who finds about a girl's broken past through her diary and tries to find her. Anime » Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Rated: T, English, Drama & Humor, Xanxus, Words: 7k +, Favs: 54 shouted Gokudera who turned to look at Tsuna. The guardians knew that what they did had pushed their sky guardian over the edge. Vongola Decimo & Guardians | Reborn Wiki …. Episode 33 A Summer Filled with Debt? Tsuna, a timid junior high student, is a failure at school, sports, and social life. To Make a Carnivore by phoenixtears07. Even the arcobaleno were impressed with Varia Arc Hibari. The Cloud Guardian's Rampage The Varia Arrive REBORN! Season 1. Tsuna x guardians fanfiction" Keyword Found Websites Listin…. " He explained at Yamamoto's and Tsuna's stunned looks. The second season aired in Japan from June 2, 2007 to …. Smart/slightly Sadistic Tsuna *cough, cough* Blame Reborn Summary: A strange events started to occur all which stemmed from a dream. All 7 guardians, including the guardian of the sky, laid in wait as the Varia scouted the area and provided the first line of offense. Last in his class, inept at sports, and generally disliked by the populace of his school. The stupid white haired marshmallow addict not only went on a vicious conquest, but had also killed the Arcobaleno. Angelic General, a Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. One of the Vindice had started to chain Mukuro. In which a nine-year-old Kyouya attempts to teach a seven-year-old Tsuna …. He knew that Kyoya was not pleased that he was still calling him Hibari-san but it was a habit he found hard to change. As the main protagonist of the series, Tsuna appears in. In the Blood: Both Tsuna and Ienari qualify to be Vongola Decimo. Inside the clear crystal, the name 'Vongola' is visibly written on. The new boss was still young; however, she was chosen by the pacifier at a …. She loves to watch anime and stay locked in her room. With Feeling by Fallen Angel Of The Forgotten. 6K 744 24 «Anna Sawaya is an otaku. Chapter 2 – Knowing what's coming next "VOOOIIII! Tsuna! …. Reborn calls over Giannini, a famed weapon tuner from Italy, to help prepare Tsuna for the fight against the Varia, but the weapons Giannini modifies are surprisingly useless. Tsuna Yoshi Maintenance Katekyo Hitman Reborn dj Eng. S02:E54 Furthermore, Xanxus has revived the Varia's Guardians…. Hitman reborn fanfiction tsuna injured keyword after analyzing the system lists the Tsuna didn't waste any time in going to check over his Cloud Guardian. Obey Me X Reader One Shots Punishment Lucifer X Reader Lemon In 2020 Obey Anime Memes Funny Demon. his Lightning Guardian, and apparently he was in the. Yandere demon x reader lemon forced. 18 October: Second face off between Tsuna & Guardian and Varia 19 October: Sun Guardian’s battle 20 October: Lightning Guardian’s battle 21 October: Storm Guardian’s battle 22 October: Rain Guardian’s battle 23 October: Mist Guardian’s battle; Chrome enters 24 October: Cloud Guardian’s battle; Mosca malfunctions 25 October: Sky. The Cloak also has the ability to nullify Attacks. The plot, based on the Reborn! manga by Akira Amano, follows Tsuna …. Hanging from the ceiling is fun. Browse through and read popular fran x bel fanfiction stories and books. Gokudera tried to wake him up but Tsuna still had his eyes closed. Alaudi was considered Giotto's strongest Guardian. Vigilante Tendency is a Reborn! (2004) Fan Fic by Kyogre. In this arc, Tsuna learn Hyper Dying Will Mode and got a new weapon " X Gloves "Varia Arc The Varia Arc mainly focuses on the introduction of the Varia, the acquiring of the Vongola Rings, Guardian titles, growth, development, and experience in combat. arcobaleno khr reborn vongola tsuna katekyohitmanreborn varia tsunayoshi sawadatsunayoshi skull lambo byakuran sawada fon hibari mukuro ryohei katekyo viper chrome 385 Stories Sort by: Hot. 3lb) Vongola ring: Guardian of the Sky. Then there’s Lambo, who more or less breaks into the Sawada household and blows half of it up within the first hour. Summary- What if Tsuna's parents abandoned him? What is Xanxus found him and took him in? What if Tsuna had Cloud flames, not Sky flames? What . # hitmanreborn # khr # king # mafia. The Medic: Officially designed this for the Varia in the Ring Battles, since he studied mundane and magical healing. Mukuro and Hibari continue their battle and Lal appears …. He’s still not going to be Tsuna’s Lightning Guardian this time around but Tsuna doesn’t kick him out. "You have my Vongola Lightning Guardian ring. Tsuna turned around and smiled. " Tsuna said and looked at Ryohei. Simply retitled to Reborn! in the Viz translation) was a popular manga written and illustrated by Akira Amano, serialized in Shonen Jump from 2004 to 2012. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Jesper Fahey/Wylan Van Eck; Jesper Fahey & Inej Ghafa; Kaz Brekker & Jesper Fahey; Jesper Fahey & Nina Zenik; Jesper Fahey & Matth. Mantello di Vongola Primo – Giotto wears a long, black Cloak that releases Sky Flames. Reborn quickly realized that Tsuna was very strong. Too bad that no one has been able to get information in or out of Varia …. "I-pin will also be joining us. The Varia is an elite independent assassination squad under the Vongola Famiglia. This ring can "feed" on the flames of others, making its own stronger. This is the first of a multi-story behemoth: The Abalone Funeral Dirge. Tsunayoshi is the son of Sawada Nana and Sawada Iemitsu. They are synonymous for their skill, which is called "Varia …. He doesn't believe it at first, but when his 'home tutor', a diminutive hitman named Reborn, visits him and shoots him (apparently) dead, he gains unstoppable determination and becomes able to. Tsuna still wondered how a baby cow could talk and become Guardian of the Thunder, but somehow it could happen. Hates: Every single living-thing that piss her off. All of the assembled men were in love (or lust) with Tsuna so they were always keeping tabs on him, making sure he wasn't with anyone else (and for his guardians …. Squalo took over the Varia before giving it to Xanxus by cutting off his own dominant hand and engaging former Varia Head and Sword Emperor Tyr in a days-long battle, beheading Tyr by the end. Apr 4, 2018 - View and download this 784x600 Katekyo Hitman REBORN! image with 126 favorites, or browse the gallery. 93Green Eyes»by Arrysa ClairWhat Tsuna didn't expect in the afterlife was to be stuck in the body of Lambo, his Lightning Guardian, and apparently he was in the past too. He is the head of an unnamed secret intelligence agency in an unidentified country and is also the founder of CEDEF, thus he was also the famiglia's first external advisor. Excluding Yamamoto and Chrome, all of Tsuna's guardians at one point were deemed as antagonistic towards him as the following: Gokudera attacked him with dynamite under the pretense of wanting to become boss. Summary: Tsuna watched as Hibari-san mercilessly tore through the thing once called Gola Mosca. “You’re not the only one that talks with a Varia member. Tsuna cut a piece of cake, noticing that there were still tons more left and walked underground to give it to Levi. Height: 157cm (5' 2) Weight: 45. As Hana explains: You can decide who gets the rings just be determining who wins this match. His eyes widened as that thought hit him and he looked around, catching the tail ends of his Guardians …. So he ignored how Tsuna seemed insistent on keeping him at least five feet away from Maman. updated: 7/27/2021 published: 4/4/2017, Reborn, Tsuna/Tsunayoshi S. Saito is a second-year student in Namimori Middle School. The rest of the observers were quiet, but they were obviously impatient and curious too. "I'm not going to trust someone I haven't seen for about 10 years. The Vongola Family, commonly known as Vongola and Famiglia Vongola [famiʎa voŋɡola] in Italian, also spelled as Vongole in various merchandise, is the most powerful Mafia family in Italy. Once Squalo informed the rest of the Varia while Tsuna was sleeping, the whole Varia …. yandere x reader lemon forced wattpad really x Reader (Smut) from the story x Danny(≧∇≦)/ Danny Phantom Vlad Yandere!Suga x reader This was …. S05:E127 - Mystic Flower Tsuna finds …. Shonen manga + numerous Bishonen characters + written by a woman + about close family bonds= OH GOD THE SUBTEXT. Anyway, all of them just got out of the shower and sat at the dinner table at 10:30 watching and waiting excitedly for the time to turn 11:00 at night. Not a Dark Lord with a grudge, not a Headmaster with a prophecy and certainly not the world's most influential Mafia Family Dorea is as much a Black as a Potter and she is not about to let anybody walk over her!. He walked a few blocks until he stopped in front of a small house. Zakuro It is revealed by Byakuran that in order to prove his loyalty to Byakuran, Zakuro destroyed his entire hometown by causing a volcano's lava to flow onto it. 'He's so cute, adorable, and honest. Your Love is a Crime by Blackkat (KHR/Avengers) “Oh, fuck,” Squalo says, thankfully at about a …. To defeat the Varia, Reborn recruits most of Tsuna's schoolmates to become the Vongola guardians: Hayato Gokudera, a expert on dynamite who wishes to be his right-hand man, Takeshi Yamamoto, a baseball player who thinks that the Mafia is a game, Ryohei Sasagawa, the energetic captain of the school boxing club, and Kyoya Hibari, the deadly head. Xanxus must have seen Tsuna staring at him with a confused expression, as he glances briefly at Tsuna then goes back to looking at the outcome of the battle, a smirk on his face that Tsuna can't describe. Then he gave up and gave it to a new Sky. The strongest Guardian, and the man reputed to be the strongest swordsman of this era have finally come face to face. The plot, based on the Reborn! manga by Akira Amano, follows Tsunayoshi. Tsuna was a very heavy sleeper so Squalo had to bang on the door. Title: Dying Will Pairing: None/Gen Rating: PG-13 Words: 709 Summary: When that first Dying Will bullet hit Tsuna's forehead, he… Fanfiction: R27: Plant & R27: Tattoo. Fanfic: Blackbird Ch 26, Katekyo Hitman Reborn! FanFiction. The chapters of the manga series Reborn!, titled as Katekyō Hitman Reborn! in Japan, are written and drawn by Akira Amano and have been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump by Shueisha since its premiere on May 31, 2004 and ran until its conclusion on November 12, 2012, with the final 42nd volume released in March 2013. Xanxus is seen with full-body scars inflicted by the Ninth's Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, the most recognizable the large one on his left cheek. " Gokudera replied with a smirk. Ask Box is open! A Katekyo Hitman Reborn! fan blog, where I share my headcanons and is home to my fanfiction, Forever Family, Forever Vongola. Because You Were Nice to Me: Skull decides to hold a show especially for Tsuna …. Truyện [Fanfic Dịch] A Second Chance. Although at first a cowardly and useless junior high student, Tsuna …. He was angry and ready to pounced her to release Tsuna. " Ryohei shrug, "Everything that extremely concerned to Sawada tend to have that kind of effect on him. HBD Tsuna 2017 Venera-Taro 44 11 Tsunayoshi sawada/ vongola primo sky guardian Djbugz212 21 5 TYL Tsuna - flame and petals Venera-Taro 85 20 Tsuna- high school student version AntheaVongola 13 0 ANOTHER study - Tsuna AntheaVongola 8 2 Sawada Tsunayoshi REBORN! LemonF13 21 5. During the Varia Arc, his hair is spiky and he has a. The fanfic was supposed to tell Xanxus adaptation into the Mafia world and Also, how is she Varia Cloud Guardian if she has no flame?. 25 October: Sky Guardian’s battle. Click here to login or here to sign up. Fanfic: The Cloud Guardian of Varia Ch 4, Katekyo Hitman Re…. Mukuro’s reunion with Tsuna is flat out hilarious. Afterwards, he stops Hibari and Mukuro from battling each other and Lal announces Tsuna …. But what he read in it was not what he was expecting to see. Varia's Cloud Chapter 4: Regeneration, a Harry Potter. He was born into poverty with just his mother, who was mentally ill. Reborn: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Edition [Hiatus] Fanfiction. Tsuna figured that the universe was out to get him because …. Tsuna smiled slightly at Byakuran and Uni. Lost in Italy a five year old Tsuna ends up in the care of the Varia's commander, Xanxus. Titled as Katekyō Hitman Reborn! in Japan, the Japanese television series is directed by Kenichi Imaizumi, and produced and animated by Artland. Anime/Manga Romance Khr Kyoya Hibari Female Oc Oc Hibari Tsuna Yamamoto . Title—Plant Author—Tysonkaiexperiment Language—English Fandom—Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Couplings/Characters—R27 (Reborn/Tsuna) Warnings/Rating—T…. Gitto introduce himself and his guardians , and ask tsuna and his guardians who are they and which family they are from and how do they get here ? tsuna's guardians …. , Reborn] - Chapters: 18 - Words: 103,788 - Reviews: 173 - Favs: 785. This is subverted when Xanxus returns to the Varia and kills Ottabio for being a dirty traitor and puts all of Cloud Division through Training from Hell. The series centers around the life of Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada, . Takeshi already intercepted a paper ball for Tsuna and was disabling something involved a bucket and wires. - Organized by series/movie, then by alphabetical order - Contains slash/yaoi, femmeslash/yuri, het, and gen - Contains various pairings, harems exempted - Contains AU, AR, crossovers, and canon-compliant…. 73 KHR book 1: the life Of Our Abandoned Sky (rewrite) » by marvelstarkermha98 Tsuna got his first kill at age 18, some of his guardians left and abandoned him except for chrome. tsuna , seriously injured, was sent to Vongola Primo's time. Home Anime/Manga Romance Reborn Katekyo Hitman Reborn Khr Varia Milliefiore Mafia Bel Belphegor All my Khr Fics. I just want to go to school together with Tsuna. Alaudi is the first generation Cloud Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia. Xanxus held Tsuna until he ran out of tears and fell asleep. A blush painted Tsuna’s face and caused his ears to burn at what they just did…in public. Needless to say he is awestruck at the sheer expansiveness of Tsuna's plot. They all knew that something was wrong with Tsuna, but they didn't know what. Tsuna was going to burn Byakuran to death and dance on the man's ashes. See how things work out Not according to the storyline (I don't own khr) Add to library 132 Discussion 20 Suggest tags. Katekyo Hitman Reborn Katekyo Hitman Reborn Katekyo Hitman Reborn Katekyo Hitman Reborn Katekyo Hitman Reborn Xanxus The second major villain in the series, this guy is the leader of the Varia Assassination Squad, which should be enough to tell that he isn't someone you want to anger. When you're a Black, you're a Black and nobody gets to hold all the cards except you. " Yamamoto lay on his bed that night, staring at the phone in his hands as he tried to put all of the questions that have been running through his head the past few months into words. He brushed this off and continued his Dame act. Really different from someone I know. Fanfiction Recs: Anime/Manga & Animated Movies & Video G…. But Ie decide not to tell anyone about Tsuna's secret. Until a dreadful experience changed her greed and selfishness. Reborn! (season 9) Reborn! (season 9) Reborn! The cover of the first DVD compilation for season nine of Reborn! released by Marvelous Entertainment. , Vongola 1st generation - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,854 - Reviews: 153 - Favs: 878 - Follows: 851 - Updated: Dec 30, 2012 - Published: Dec 27, 2012 - id: 8841288. " Tsuna said mockingly as he said he talked about his 'parents'. At that moment, the ice completely froze him and fell unconscious. A Yandere bnha x reader lemon forced (Jan 18, 2021) Yandere x reader lemon forced wattpad read yanderemori x readerwattpad Corruptmonk is a fanfiction. As Mukuro reasons, Tsuna appears to be harmless, but he's planning to put Ienari in the Vongola's eyes in order to protect himself. #wattpad #fanfiction Rahasia itu terbongkar bagaikan sebuah bom. He had heard that Varia had a Cloud Guardian now, but it was only Tsuna's that the circumstances around their first meeting was when the Decimo was kidnapped and needed rescuing. The rest is up to your Guardians"-Reborn Tsuna X ALL Rape OOC Cursing R&R Please! Disclaimer: This does not belong to me, but to Akira Amano * HIATUS* Rated: Fiction M - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Tsuna/Tsunayoshi S. Can also be found on Fanfiction. We Weren't Born To Follow by Seito is a Reborn! (2004) Alternate Universe Fic. “That they got their Cloud Guardian finally. That doesn't stop Tsuna from interacting with his ancestor though. 'It doesn't stop there as canon characters such as Lambo, I-Pin and even Fon find themselves mixed up in the mystery stirring in. Personality: Blood-thirsty, usually emotionless with people. When the mass evacuation of civilians from Tokyo begins, any sane person would turn heel and run like hell. " "He did? Did he notice the book?" "Of course he did. - Organized by series/movie, then by alphabetical …. He was nominated and accepted as the tenth generation Cloud Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia. To be explained in later chapters Chapter 2 – Knowing what's coming next "VOOOIIII! Tsuna! Wake up!" Squalo screamed in front of Tsuna's door. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Tsuna wouldn't like the holes you're making on the seat. Tsuna and The Cloud Guardian's …. " Heard that Tsuna kicked out of his mind. Meanwhile Reborn and Tsuna both looked at each other with excitement shining in their eyes. So, here's the next chapter! Chapter 3 - Battle - A sun's pride Tsuna and the Varia, excluding Xanxus and Mammon, ate their ice cream while watching the clock. He had heard that the Varia had a Cloud Guardian now, but it was only Tsuna's luck that the circumstances around their first meeting was when . The Real 6 Funeral Wreaths (真6弔花, Ma 6 Chō Hana) are Byakuran's six strongest subordinates, and are thus in possession of the Mare Rings, the Millefiore's top …. Katekyō Hitman Reborn! (lit Tutor Hitman Reborn. in season Title Original air date; 34 "The Varia Arrive" Transcription: "Variā Kuru!" (Japanese: ヴァリアー来る!June 2, 2007 (): On a day out having fun, Tsuna …. From the beginning, Reborn understood that Tsuna …. You can tell us,” said Tsuna with a kind smile. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Khr Varia Xanxus Shot Cloud Guardian Fan Mixed Feelings Khr xanxus x reader (future) The return of xanxus's childhood friend , who is the new cloud guardian of varia. Primo was interrogating Tsunayoshi Sawada, a japanese boy he found with severe injuries, when G stepped in the room and said that his mist guardian had just come back from his mission. "Kyoko and Haru will be coming along with us as well. Tsuna wondered if there was something inherently wrong with the sisters of his supposed guardians. In this Arc Tsuna learn Zero Point Break Trough I Edition and II Edition Future Arc. Summary: In which Hibari Kyouya is not an only child; no, in this world, he has a younger sister with mercury gold eyes and a smile that’s as poisonous as it is …. Prince is an abnormal but unique name for a person, is always treated like one, or more like a Princess. They found their Cloud Guardian. Each shield has the symbol of each Guardians' Flames. 20 October: Lightning Guardian’s battle. He is often seen napping on the rooftop of Namimori Middle School. Aside from being Captain of the kendo club, he's also the devoted Vice-President of the Disciplinary Committee, and he's very strict in implementing the school rules. It's been almost 6 years since then, and Reborn and her Guardians have been sent to bring her back home. (characters: Xanxus, Tsuna) Pairing: none. Vongola ring: Guardian of the Cloud Choice of Weapons: Pair of collapsible steel tonfas Attacks: Unknown Ring Power ! The floating cloud: one that …. Tsuna grimaced as he prepared for the raid on . I want you to kiss me and repaint my body. "You're not the only one that talks with a Varia member. Several families, organizations and individuals serve under the. Taking its title from the namesake song by Bon Jovi, it details Reborn heading to Namimori to teach Sawada Ienari, and finds himself mixed up in 'Goddamn Namimori's supernatural business. A strong one at that, where he is one of the guardian of the digital world, and one among the administrators of the Xros Loader. The Cloud Guardian didn't bother to hear the answer, turning around, He begins walking off when Tsuna let go of his clothes smile. “Dame-Tsuna!” “23!” Tsuna yelped out, ducking as the spitball went flying in his direction. His Cloak, which is later used by Tsuna…. The Varia Arc (VSヴァリアー編, Bāsasu Variā-hen?) details Tsuna and his Guardians fighting for the ownership of the Vongola Rings, which are used to prove the true successors to the Vongola Famiglia. Yuki: This is set during the Varia Arc. He picked Tsuna up bridle style. The pure Cloud remarks, moving his weapon so it slides along the halbred’s hilt, sparky flying off their contact point, before taking a swipe at Tsuna’s head. (characters: Vongola Guardians) Pairing: none. (Or the one in which Tsuna is Xanxus' Cloud Guardian, flat-out terrifies anyone who's heard about him, has a younger brother who loves him, is possibly in a queerplatonic long-distance relationship with Hibari but will never admit it, and is the big brother you. Tsuna suggested, kicking his Storm Guardian under the table. Varia's Cloud Chapter 3: Facing the Consequences. (Tsuna) Chapter 30: Meeting with Vongola Nono. While Tsuna continues his training, Gokudera is trying to perfect his ultimate technique. Chapter 29: Meeting with Vongola Nono. How to Make an Entrance: Varia Style! 9. Kozato Simon II (シモン=コザァート II, Shimon Kozaatō II) is the brother of Enma and Ieyasu II’s best friend. They stand for Roman Numerals I=1 X=10 ☆ 7 guardians ☆: rain, thunder, cloud…. In this arc, Tsuna learn Hyper Dying Will Mode and got a new weapon " X Gloves "Varia Arc The Varia Arc mainly focuses on the introduction of the Varia, the acquiring of the Vongola Rings, Guardian …. Due to this, he kinda looks like a blonde Hibari, even more, when displeased - something which terrifies Tsuna. He is Vongola Nono's adopted son, and was the main antagonist of the Varia Arc. The second season of the Reborn! anime series is a compilation of episodes 34 to 65 from the series. Dead-Eyed Tsuna by wyrvel is a complete Katekyō Hitman Reborn! gen-fic on many what-ifs. Tsuna truly didn’t deserve such a great friend like Takeshi. Too bad that no one has been able to get information in or out of Varia HQ for almost 4 years and Tsuna . Add to library 175 Discussion 23 Suggest tags. Choice of weapons: X Golves, Ring of the Sky & X-Gloves Version V. The series follows the story of Junior High student, Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada, who is generally considered a loser by all of his peers; receiving terrible grades, being inept at sports. That was the turning point in their lives and it set their fates on a new path A Vongola Undicesima Inheritance Ceremony gone wrong. Yandere demon x reader lemon forced. The candidate tenth cloud guardian, Hibari Kyouya. 22 October: Rain Guardian’s battle. Tsuna watched all this from the ceiling at then realized something. Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Story Arc. A list of some of my favorite fics from various anime/manga series video games. 'She' coughed twice, cleared 'her' throat, and grabbed onto Tsuna's shoulders, before opening 'her' mouth to speak. "Come on, Mukuro, you remember what Reborn always said, about how going up unarmed against crazy guys with steak knives is ill-advised —". Dalam pertarungan cincin Cloud, Gola Mosca dihancFlan. Rhythmic, constant beeps filled the room and Tsuna shut his eyes. T, English, Adventure, chapters: 5, words: 13k+, favs: 451, follows: 591, updated: 7/27/2021 published: 4/4/2017, Reborn, Tsuna/Tsunayoshi S. He had heard that the Varia had a Cloud Guardian now, but it was only Tsuna's luck that the circumstances around their first meeting was when the Decimo was kidnapped and needed rescuing. The Cloud Guardian (Abandoned) February 24, 2014 crimsmind. Expand You need to be logged in to continue. Mafia Meet King (Khr X K Project) Fanfiction. Tsuna then vowed to stay on the roof whenever he could for tonight. The boss, without delay, went to meet Daemon; he had been waiting for the report of the mission. The CCG finds the Varia HQ and the make it inside and they come due to his guardians) Tsuna assures them that no one there is a ghoul or . Tsuna went back to work, as he had no interest in the Vongola. Xanxus is the current leader of the Varia and Vongola IX's adopted son. Chapter 7: Re-Introducing I’m Tsuna-nii’s Lightning Guardian and his little brother!” Lambo exclaimed from where he stood …. Althought Tsuna was hopeless, useless, and wimp but he has a good side that nearly covered his weakness. Yêu đọc truyện online Tsuna cho là đã chết, nhưng số phận lại lên một kế hoạch khác cho cậu ta. Tsuna choked nervously, looking warily at the deadly weapon in his Cloud guardian's hand before grabbing Mukuro by the sleeve of his expensive black leather jacket as he hurried to drag him away. During the Varia Arc, he battles Tsuna for the Sky Vongola Ring in addition to having the position as the 10th Vongola Boss, Xanxus loses this fight. Even after death, his notorious luck still rears its ugly head. Hibari is Tsuna's oldest guardian and Lambo is his youngest, while Mukuro is his tallest guardian and Lambo is also his shortest. Second, what do you think? Is the mystery a good part? And for my second question, what could the guardians/ Tsuna do to ever make Hibari do anything? Doesn't the cloud guardian only help if it fits with what he wants?. List of Reborn! antagonists. This family is messe #10thgen #1stgen #arcobaleno #guardians #kateyokohitmanreborn #sawada #tsuna #twin #varia #vongola #wattys2021. The Cloud Guardian sneered down at his …. She grinned even more and hug tigher when she saw Tsuna's blush. to fight for the title of Vongola Mist Guardian against Varia member, . Tsuna and the Varia, excluding Xanxus and Mammon, ate their ice cream while watching the clock. - [Fanfic Dịch] A Second Chance. 145 "Guardian Showdown! Cloud and Mist" Transcription: "Shugosha Taiketsu! Kumo to Kiri" (Japanese: 守護者対決!雲と霧) August 8, 2009 (). All X Tsuna Fanfiction Stories. tren dien thoai, may tinh bang, iphone, ipad. With this dream, Tsuna and his guardians …. Tsuna and his twin brother are portrayed as complete foils to one another, and at a first glance, Tamaki is the better candidate, but after a while, Tsuna really shows as the more suitable candidate for the Tenth Vongola. Sunset Hue (KHR Fanfiction) by Syrlai. The fifth season of the Reborn! anime series broadcast episodes 102 to 140 between October 4, 2008 and July 4, 2009 on TV Tokyo. Tsuna hugged Xanxus and cried for hours. He continues to show a particular interest in him when he asks his subordinates Ken, Chikusa, and Chrome to watch Hibari's fight to be the official Cloud Guardian against the Gola Mosca in the Varia Arc. "Autonomous Assassination Team of Vongola IX". 23 October: Mist Guardian’s battle; Chrome enters. They are synonymous for their skill, which is called "Varia Quality. Who is the future cloud guardian Varia?. Vongola Tenth Generation Guardians; Additional Tags: BAMF Hibari Kyouya; Hibari Kyouya has a sister; Canon-Typical Violence; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Worldbuilding; not super focused on Tsuna; focused more on the Hibari clan; because canon didn't give our boy Hibari a backstory like the other guardians…. Tsuna having a family vacation with his famiglia in new big city but being separate from his famiglia to …. then gave Gola Mosca the position as the Varia’s Cloud Guardian. katekyo hitman reborn tsuna silver sky amerikaknight sawada tsunayoshi fanfiction mirrorverse.