sap hana hdb. 0 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. hdb API shows how to connect to the SAP HANA DB and how to read values of the output declaed as table in HANA Stored procedure. SAP HANA Data Types: Numeric, Character String, Decimal. SAP HANA System Replication setup uses a dedicated virtual hostname and virtual IP addresses. You need to access a remote database table object within your HDB module in a Multi-target application project. Use it to store connection information to SAP HANA systems on the client so that client applications can connect to SAP HANA without users having to enter this information. SAP ECC is the ERP system and SAP HANA is the in-memory database, designed to handle transactions and analytics. HANA database is not coming up. Now we need to switch to SAP HANA admin user using following command. LANGUAGE: It specifies the database language of the implementation. Control HANA Database Version using SAP HANA Studio. Obtain the following information about the SAP HANA system:. To understand the basic difference between the two, read the points below. SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC). Again select New-> Other as shown below. 1598303414 4 | lss | Install SAP HANA Local Secure Store version 2. Execute the below command to stop SAP Host Control. The SAP HANA database has its own scripting language named SQLScript. The SAP HANA Cloud technology allows convenient advancement of enhancements. In this one, we learn to create a table using the SAP HANA CDS (Core Data Service) method. font size decrease font size increase font size . SAP Hana HDB Compileserver status. 3 | client | Install SAP HANA Database Client version 2. How to Check SAP Hana Services. Run the HDB stop command to stop the HANA database. neutron:~ # sarcar -xvf IMDB_SERVER100_21-xxxxxxx. Use following command to open HDB sql prompt. While working as a SAP HANA Consultant, one should be aware of the methods to blog about various techniques to check status of HDB. Question to SAP: What does the H stand for in hdb?. Troubleshooting Find here common solutions to frequently occurring issues. : Pandora FMS plugin for SAP Hana Database allows you to monitor your Hana database. You can use du -sk [I will recommend this] or du -sh command for this. SAP HANA DB has special ABAP specific session variables whose counterparts matches with the ABAP system fields. Now click on drop down beside to the plus sign to navigate to the HANA Catalog. HDB start command The message Impromptu CCC initialization can be ignored. 0, platform edition ; SAP NetWeaver all versions Keywords Solution Manager, sslenforce, enforce, dbco, dbcon, ERROR only secure connections are allowed, , KBA , HAN-DB-SEC , SAP HANA Security & User Management , HAN-DB , SAP HANA Database , CA-LTR-DB , Use CA-LT-SLT instead , BC-SEC-SSL , Secure Sockets Layer Protocol , BC-DB-HDB-SYS. It breaks down the transactional and analytical silos in organizations, for quick decision-making, on premise and in the cloud. Using command line tool hdbnsutil: Primary : hdbsql BACKUP DATA USING FILE ('') Primary: hdbnsutil -sr_enable --name=SITEA. HDBTable is a language syntax that can be used by database developers to create the underlying (persistent) data model which the application services expose to UI clients. Available by the Sentinel Linux Agent for Syslog. Restart SAP HANA Services in SuSE Linux. Consider /hana/data/logs_temporary is the location where you can move directory to make space in. PT Sterling Tulus Cemerlang www. SAP HANA Database Client for Node. HDB is a shell script that acts as a wrapper for the most important system administration commands you can execute when connected with a terminal (secure shell) to the HANA server. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the SAP HANA client. Display the general information about HANA database and has to be executed in the command line. 0, express edition (Virtual Machine Method) tutorials, or go straight to the SAP HANA, express edition registration page. The database developer defines the data-persistence and analytic models that are used to expose data in response to client requests via HTTP. The SAP HANA Operations page provides relevant information, from how to connect SAP HANA database to SAP Solution Manager 7. Using Native SAP HANA Artifacts Create or use an existing database object (table, view, table function, calculation view) and make use of it in your CDS model, for instance for exposing it in an OData service. Write ‘configuration’ in the search bar as shown below. [1] Install SAP HANA by following the instructions in the SAP HANA 2. Step 3 − In the footer toolbar, you have to navigate to Overflow menu → Create Tenant Database. Now start HANA by executing HDB start and try to connect using HANA Studio or HDBSQL with new SYSTEM user password. From the Systems panel, right-click on the database server and choose Backup and Recovery, and then Back Up Tenant Database…. Then launch SAP transaction code DBCO for Database Connection Maintenance screen. ; A datasource of type sql is added in the cds. If the SAP HANA database does not have the HDB Secure User Store Key and HDB SQL OS User configured, a red lock icon appears next to the resource. SAP S4 HANA Course in ACTE is designed & conducted by SAP S4 HANA experts with 10+ years of experience in the SAP S4 HANA domain. Schema field descriptions are based on the field descriptions in the relevant SAP documentation. SAP HANA supports 7 categories of SQL data types and it depends on the type of data you have to store in a column. There are many options in that utility. Install directory will point by default to C:\Program Files\sap\hdbstudio. Connect to SAP HANA database instance. HDBNAVSYST - List of all HANAs with Database Status, Memory Size, etc. Step 4 − Enter the name of tenant database and the system user password. To support MultiTargetReplication you will need to install the following:. As of SAP HANA SP09 or higher or if you do not have access to the HANA installation media for SAP HANA SP08 or older, you install the agent manually. Once a session is established, clients can communicate with the SAP HANA database using…. SAP HANA Under The Hood: HDB – by the SAP HANA Academy. On the package node, right click and choose New > HDB Procedure as follows. HDB start) argument You can safely execute the HDB start command when the system is already running, it will just verify that the service is indeed up and running and return the prompt after two times 2 seconds delay (the 2 in the command above). The below window opens up asking for a file name. Each data volume contains one file (datavolume_0000. Logon to SAP system that you want to create a second database connection to a remote HANA database system. From the HANA Studio console, execute the following tasks: Connect to the HANA database server. Setting up an SAP HANA SR Cost Optimized Infrastructure (SLES for SAP Applications 12 SP1) Overview. Double-click the name to display the contents of the file (see below). Check the number in the folder named HDB For eg. usually you will only need to call. /hana/shared/ and execute command "ls". To Open Data Service Designer go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> SAP Data Services (4. Check the HANA trace files in the following location /usr/sap//HDB//trace. SAP HANA SPS04 or later; resource-agents-sap-hana-scaleout version 180 or later. hdbsql -n localhost -i 1 -u username -p Password \s. In this example, I chose to recover from 2 hours ago. Display SAP S/4 Hana table details Display SAP S4Hana Table. For other SAP HANA databases the table TFACS can be replicated from a SAP Business Suite system. To install the SAP HANA HDB client on a Windows machine, use either a graphical user interface or a command line. This creates a new SAP HANA HDB Stored Procedure and opens up the below block of code. 2) SAP HANA Identifiers – Delimited Identifiers and Undelimited Identifiers. We use cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, improve performance, analyze traffic, and to personalize content. 2472793 - HANA process hdbdaemon HDB Daemon not running | SAP Knowledge Base Article 2472793 - HANA process hdbdaemon HDB Daemon not running Symptom After patching SLES 11 SP3 to SLES 11 SP4, end user receives the below error while starting HANA DB on system with "HDB start on hana server": "process hdbdaemon HDB Daemon not running". Access in AMDP Methods The predefined function SESSION_CONTEXT( ) is used to access the session variables of…. For HANA system databases in a multitenant system, the port number is 3**NN**13. This repository is the code that is distributed to the end users to update Studio to higher revision. Open the SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench Editor and create a new package by using the context menu on Content node. Right click on the HANA system and then select "Backup and Recovery", then "Recovery". Run the following command to start HDB SQL Prompt. Previous Previous post: HANA Database Upgrade from 1. Then Open Administration Editor in diagnosis mode. As seen below, we provide the name as sales_procedure. This article addresses issue with SAP HANA database backup. The directory HDB_CLIENT_LINUX_X86_64 is created. Using OS command • Use HDB as adm. Start the hdblcm program from the HANA installation software directory. As user adm, create an entry in the HDB keystore that enables you to connect to the database as a user that owns the SAP HANA privileges INIFILE ADMIN, CATALOG READ, SERVICE ADMIN, and DATABASE ADMIN: hdbuserstore set : where is an arbitrary name that you assign for this entry. Answer: Hello, A SAP HANA user connection is an important part of SAP HANA. This enables automatic registration of site 3 (DC3) to the new primary, should failover occur in the primary HANA server. It also supports customers during the transaction to SAP S/4 HANA. In addition to this, we also add an input parameter p_material which should accept the input as a material number. sap Secondary hdb instance group stops and restarts on node1. Creating an SAP HANA HDB table in the repository Now, right click on the newly created package and select the "Other" from the context menu path shown the illustration. /usr/sap/KB1/HDB26/HDB stop Note The SAP HANA database does not start automatically by default when the SAP HANA system is started. For example HDB stands for SAP HANA Database. In the example configurations, installation commands, and so on, the HANA instance is 03 and the HANA system ID is HN1. HDB In this Under the Hood blog series we explore SAP HANA technical topics that go beyond the documentation but may help to familiarise . The objective is to provide some insights on particular SAP HANA topics. I recommend using this perspective in the case of SAP HANA development. getConnetion(); ? when i created the project from webIDE i clicked option enable xsjs, that's so, that i have this var xsjs = require('@sap/xsjs'); And, in the other exercise, how is that "no service matches" and i clearly see it!. For best results, use the Microsoft Sentinel functions listed. hw00003:/usr/sap/S00/HDB00> HDB stop Stopping instance using: /usr/sap/S00/SYS/exe/hdb/sapcontrol -prot . tgz The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. There are two types of identifiers in SAP HANA: Delimited identifiers and Undelimited identifiers. Cloud Storage Backint agent for SAP HANA installation. SAP officially announced the support for SAP HANA 2. Name of tenant database of the SAP System. SAP HANA Client Install on GoldenGate for BigData VM : Download the client installer for the respective platform (Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Mac) from the SAP Development Tools website under the HANA tab and the SAP HANA Client 2. Connection and Session Management This component is responsible for creating and managing sessions and connections for the database clients. 0 151060 1804 \_ ps fx -U hxeadm -o user,pid,ppid,pcpu,vsz,rss,args hxeadm 4641 1 0. Goto SAP HANA Studio, logon as SYSTEM user. Learn more about dev spaces here. 0: Statistic Server In-Memory Computing Engine 1514967 SAP HANA: Central Note Attachments File Type File Name Language Size PDF SAP_HANA_In-Memory_DB. It’s quite similar to the auto generated code in our previous tutorial on table functions. must start with /usr/sap/XYZ/SYS/global/hdb/backint/DB_XYZ . The backup process is as follows: Veeam will start the configurd pre-freeze script on the HANA system. To pass the connection parameters to the DBSL, use the following profile parameter: dbs/hdb/connect_property = param1, param2, …. The trial includes SAP HANA, express edition, available for free for development and productive use for up to 32 GB of RAM. 1 for SAP Solutions as documented in SAP notes 2777782 and 2235581. GST S/4HANA Master Data Configuration. In SAP HANA extended application services, advanced model (XS advanced) a user-provided service was created to access the external schema. The “hdbcons” is a HANA kernel utility. sechana:~ # ip addr show 1: lo: mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN group default qlen 1000 link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:00 inet 127. 0, express edition from your client machine. provides SAP HANA with out-of-the-box foundational data models based on SAP. In this article ,I am going to cover very important commands which are used for Starting/ Stopping SAP HANA and also how to start Name server and Index Server via command line:. SAP HANA Compression Techniques. hdbxsengine, HDB XSEngine, GREEN, Running, 2017 10 12 14:14:16, 388:31:11, 9420 How to Check SAP Hana Services | HANA is up and running SAP Hana Trace file location | Where to check Hana Errors & Logs. The interface is not adding any methods, just marks it as AMDP class. For more information on how this website uses cookies, please. SAP HANA Alias Commands for sidadm User. The system automatically logs the SAP HANA HDB client installation. SAP provides another exclusive product suite in relation to new customer-oriented application areas such as Hybris, SuccessFactors SaaS, Ariba FieldGlass, Concur and SAP HANA Vora IoT projects, which can be usually implemented and rapidly configured. For your information, this is what the previous command changed in package. For instructions on the manual installation of the Diagnostics Agent see SAP note 1833501. Secondary : Register secondary system. Once both nodes are showing that SAP is active (check using 'HDB info') the synchronization state of the databases can be checked. SAP HANA error "Invalid path selection for data backup using. Once you are logged in as adm you can directly execute the hdbsql command or can go to following path and execute the hdbsql command. It accesses databases both on your local computer and on remote computers. SAP HANA Database (hdb) SAP HANA Database (hdb) About SAP HANA is an in-memory database (db) that can be deployed: * on premise (on a machine) * or on demand (in the cloud) Use case saphelp_hanaplatform/helpdata/en " HANA - Adapter (Virtual Table) Every Java developer can now extend Hana by writing new Adapters with a few lines of code. Step 2 − To access this tile in SAP HANA Cockpit, you must have the following role assigned: sap. SAP HANA migration cockpit tool is now an essential tool for SAP S4 HANA data migration. Install the SAP HANA, express edition Clients. In our case, the directory is named HDB30. 1918943 - HANA Database startup fails during revision upgrade. If during a subsequent discovery operation, the configured HDB Secure User Store Key was found to be incorrect or did not provide access to the database itself, then the red. Login as ADM – HANA Database User. Here i am going to explain -How to Check SAP Hana Services | HANA is up and running from SAP HANA Studio ? Open SAP HANA Studio –> Select “System” –> Double click on system–> Select Landscape Here you’ll find status of all Hana Services :If SAP HANA is up and running fine then for all services ,status should be green. FAIL: process hdbdaemon HDB Daemon not running. Connect to SAP HANA database server using Linux or Windows client. Get started with your trial today! You will need a minimum of 8 GB RAM for the database server only and 16 GB for the database + XS Advanced applications. The following table gives the list of data types in each category −. Check SAP HANA Database Version using SAP GUI. The secure user stores SAP HANA connection information like database host with Index server SQL port, user, and its password. The objects are divided into schemas, which is a way to organize activated database objects. Application Privilege - Developers of SAP HANA XS Classic applications can create application privileges to authorize user and client access to their application. SAP HANA Reference: SQL Reference Manual39) SAP HANA SQLScript Reference40) SAP HANA Technical Operations ManualSAP on the 28th May 2014 published a . Procedure Download the client package. In this example, we install SAP HANA scale-out with master, one worker, and one standby node. Log purpose: Records user actions, or attempted actions in the SAP HANA database. If you're not running SDS (or a tenant DB), then try doing an HDB stop, re-boot the machine, then a re-start - and see if that helps. No further configuration is necessary. tgz with a wrong typo It should be hdb_client_linux_x86_64. With SAP HANA XS Advanced, source code and web content are not versioned or stored in the SAP HANA database, so package privileges are not used in this context. Search for SAP and select the SAP HANA connector. /usr/sap//Instance name/HDB start. For information about the SAP Secure User Store, go to "hdbuserstore" in the SAP Help Portal website. In chapter "Show Log Backups", the Backint files are as desired a few mb large. See the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP Preparation or SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java Preparation pages. sap Primary hdb instance group stops and restarts on node2. Related SAP documentation: General | Audit Trail. A simple join picking up some fields from VBAK joining with VBAP is applied below. 0, express edition installation. The script will prepare the HANA database by requesting a database snapshot. The SAP Host Agent will be installed during the installation of the Diagnostics Agent. Primary Component: BC-DB-HDB SAP In-Memory Database The Note is release-independent Related Notes Number Short Text 1642937 SAP HANA Appliance Software SPS 03 Release Note 1560398 SAP HANA 1. Introduction: For many customers, SAP system copies are one of the routine maintenance activities. It will then open the SAP HANA Lifecycle management window to install the SAP HANA Studio. Failure of the node where primary hdb instance is running. If during a subsequent discovery operation, the configured HDB Secure User Store Key was found to be incorrect or did not provide access to the database itself, then the red lock icon will reappear. SqlScript implements the Orchestration logic (control-flow logic) using imperative language constructs such as loops and conditionals on top of the data-flow logic (Declarative Logic, Sql) SQLScriptRBusiness Function Library (BFL)Predictive Analytics Library. I've installed Sap Hana Express edition from binary in a VM (4 cores and 8GB of RAM) when I run HDB info it give me. Switch to change mode and press New. For example, 1) To get threads list, hdbcons “context list -s” > thread_callstack_test. a set of SQL statements made to perform a specific task. When I open the SAP HANA Studio -> Backup Catalog. name, description, dispstatus, textstatus, starttime, elapsedtime, pid. Hey, if there are no trace files created with the extension after running the HDB start then I think the issue erupted because the HANA system is left in an inconsistent state after the renaming process got failed. This also means that the HANA Modeler within HANA Studio is deprecated, already there are no new features but only critical bugfixes. If you want to use the SAP HANA Secure User Store, create a key. What is SAP HANA Configuration Files Location: SAP HANA COnfiguration Files contains SAP HANA Database configuration setting. the design-time database artifacts to the HDI containers in the XS Advanced, and generates the corresponding actual objects in the SAP HANA database. HANA was originally designed to be a data warehouse, but it has grown into all-in-one data platform that manages analytical, transactional, and application development. 000000 ***** Options: SAP HANA system ID | Description ----- HDB | SAP HANA Database HDB 1. Learn how to check RAM on a Windows computer or on a Mac computer. The server plan defines how often the. It is intended to be a replacement of the older $. Logon to SAP HANA Cloud Platform cockpit. By continuing to browse this website you agree to the use of cookies. To be able to set up your SAP HANA with System Replication (SR) in the way described below please note that your SAP Solution Manager system needs to run on SAP Solution Manager 7. Start Your Walk Through SAP HANA Calculation Views. From here, select the recovery option. It is typically used by scripts connecting to SAP HANA. When starting a new project, it is encouraged to use the fully featured @sap/hana-client driver ( documentation ). Installing SAP HANA HDB Client (Windows) | Tutorials for SAP Developers. At the hxehost login prompt, enter hxeadm 3. js Application Programming in the SAP HANA Client Programming Documentation this is the one and only module/library that it talks about. Failure of the secondary hdb instance. Save the Download Manager installation files to your client machine and open it. No license configuration is required. js, Java, or custom—and develop your presentation layer. In this video tutorial, Philip Mugglestone provides an introduction to SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA available with XS Advanced Model introduced with SAP HANA SPS. ; logreplay: After the data on the active node is initialized. Job Server- It is an application that launches the data services processing engine and serves as an interface to the engine and Data Services Suite. Most of the actual commands are executed with the sapcontrol utility, the same program used with SAP NetWeaver. 0 SP05, SAP HANA supports multi-streaming for databases larger than 128 GB. How to use SAP HANA hdbcons utility. 0 113256 1616 \_ /bin/sh /usr/sap/HXE/HDB01/HDB info hxeadm 12340 12305 0. For versions prior to SAP HANA 2. The default format of hdbcds isn't available on SAP HANA Cloud. HANA Studio (latest) - plus plugins (like ABAP Development Tools etc) So my question is as below. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. The output of HDB info should look like the example below for both sites: Example 11: Calling HDB info (as user adm) # HDB info. For a customer, it holds mission critical data used to implement business processes and data analytics. Secondary hdb instance group stops and restarts on node1. 0 115512 2024 -bash hxeadm 12305 12253 0. The following example of usage of the SAP HANA XS $. 0, express edition License Installing SAP HANA 2. This is all auto generated and you need not worry about writing any of it. SAP HANA Database Installation Manager - SAP HANA HLM Installation 1. What are the types of SAP HANA DB Locks and how we can resolve if we get any issues. You can get the required information in the SAP HANA studio as follows: I. The hdb driver for SAP HANA is added as a dependency. First we need to connect to SAP HANA server using Linux clients (eg: putty) with root user. The HDB info command lists the processes currently running for that SID. Support Transparent tables and Dictionary views. SAP HANA Data Archiving vs Data Aging. This approach makes it a bit difficult and more coding during consuming the output parameter of the HDB procedure. Eclipse framework is allowing to updates from central server. /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sapcontrol -nr 00 -function Stop. Leverages existing IT talent (DBAs, developers). 0 SPS 04 you can find restart information in view CONFIGURATION_PARAMETER_PROPERTIES (RESTART_REQUIRED = TRUE / FALSE) or using SQL: “HANA_Configuration_Parameters_Properties” (R = ‘X’ in case restart is required) Reference: Complete details about HANA parameters can be found in the SAP note: 2186744 – FAQ. How to Restart SAP HANA Related Services in SuSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP 4 OS with PuTTy for SAP Business One. If the SAP HANA database does not have the HDB Secure User Store Key and HDB SQL OS User configured, a red padlock icon appears only for the autodiscovered resources. com' port=30015 user=username password=yourpassword;. Login to the operating system and execute the command, HDB version. You should see development workbench editor like below. The factory calendar table TFACS must be available in the SAP HANA database to use the function. How to Identify SAP HANA is Single or Multi Container Mode. Regards, Mike Add a Comment Alert Moderator 2 comments Mike Paola Jul 04, 2017 at 02:27 PM Perhaps there is an indication in the error logs that may help point to the issue. Installing the SAP HANA Data Provider Plugin in Domo Workbench. Here you'll find status of all Hana Services :If SAP HANA is up and running hdbdaemon, HDB Daemon, GREEN, Running, 2017 10 12 14:14:10, . Developing SAP HANA Database (HDB) Modules. Address Ruko Graha Arteri Mas Kav 30 Jl. HDBSQL is a command line tool for executing commangs on SAP HANA databases. How to sizing SAP S/4HANA Conversion. For HANA single-tenant databases, the port number is 3**NN**15. If you will be creating a new database connection for the first time on that SAP system, the list will be empty. SAP HANA HDBSQL is installed with the SAP HANA software. Install the client package if you intend to develop XS applications on a machine that will not have a local SAP HANA 2. But you can enable an automated start of this kind. 1 for SAP Solutions on Intel and IBM POWER9 architectures in March 2020. Display SAP S/4 Hana table details. For example: Test the installation by creating a backup in the Cloud Storage bucket and restoring from the backup. How to Check SAP HANA Version. Phone +62-877-8655-5055 +62 (21) 580-6055. The data is replicated by using HANA System Replication. The HDB secure user store key is used to store the connection information of SAP HANA systems securely on the client and HDBSQL client uses the . Select additional components for installation: Index | Components | Description ----- 1 | all | All components 2 | server | No additional components 3 | client | Install SAP HANA Database Client version 2. Therefore, the corresponding Data Supplier needs to be setup. Engine- Data Service engine executes individual jobs which are defined in. In SAP HANA Studio, you can do so by opening the Diagnosis Files tab (to the right of the Processes tab in the figure above). Note: that expert knowledge in SAP Solution Manager and SLD is required to successfully perform this setup. 0 reached GA status I was reading the "SAP In-Memory Database - Server Installation and Update Guide". To achieve high availability, SAP HANA is installed on two virtual machines. Start, stop and restart all use the SAPControl command and this will be discussed in the section below. Using this information stored in hdbuserstore. Basic health check for two. SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server) in SAP HANA. Only the admin user can backup SAP HANA database. In SAP BW, SAP CRM and SAP ERP systems running on a SAP HANA database, the TFACS table is located in the ABAP schema SAP. The AMDP method has to use the following keywords after its name "BY DATABASE PROCEDURE FOR HDB LANGUAGE SQLSCRIPT" in the class implementation section. SAP HANA is an in-memory database technology which acts as the core technology for a lot of other SAP or non-SAP applications whereas SAP S/4 HANA is a new generation ERP solution which runs on SAP HANA database architecture. Navigate to the HDB_CLIENT_LINUX_X86_64 directory and run hdbinst to start the installer: cd HDB_CLIENT_LINUX_X86_64 sudo. Connect Using the SAP HANA ODBC Driver | Tutorials for SAP Developers. We’ll explain these lines one by one. Installing SAP HANA HDB Client (Linux). Regards, Mike Like 0 Alert Moderator. Linking the SAP HANA HDB table with this CSV file - HDBTI configuration To do this, stay in the repository tab and right click on your package. table name, view name, column name, index name, synonym name, procedure name, function name, etc. In a nutshell, SAP HANA Cloud, SAP HANA Database monitoring view data is stored in memory for 42 days. SAP HANA Memory Usage - What should I really monitor? Use of Virtual/Secondary host name with SAP HANA; FAIL: process hdbdaemon HDB Daemon not running; R3trans and hdbuserstore; Prepare SAP HANA server For SSL 'sapstartsrv' service not started; SSL with SAP HANA Studio; SAP Fiori Administration. SAP S/4HANA is the best ERP framework on the market provided by SAP. The output of HDB info should look like the example below for both sites: Example 11: Calling HDB info (as user adm) # ~> HDB info. Access to the client has been allowed by adding the media server to the Clients Properties under Servers->Media. How to Backup SAP HANA Database using Command Line. SAP provides a note "There are 'N' correct answers to this question. Select "Stored Procedure" and click "Next". The plugin is capable to retrieve following information: SAP Hana connection status. Select “Stored Procedure” and click “Next”.