chainsaw porting. Carbon clogging the exhaust port or spark arrestor screen can cause a saw to run as if the carburetor requires adjustment. A step by step of a basic port job on the echo turd saw!!. Being a handyman and a woodworker, you probably want a chainsaw that can chop-chop trees or logs easily. To make a cleaning solution, combine 1 gallon of water and 1 cup of household ammonia in a plastic bucket. Once your saw arrives, RIPSAW will begin disassembly and complete the RIPSAW Stage 1 Woods Port. Turn the cylinder base upside down and get it outside of the piston crown. You may occasionally require more . Porting and Polishing kit for 2 Stroke Cylinders. Who has had good luck with ported saws?. An RPM saw might have less torque than one tuned for torque - maybe your saw is huge and power isn't the problem but speed in the wood is, sure make it speedy. Beside above, how much HP gain from porting heads? Porting the heads will definitely help. Mon-Fri: 7:30 AM-5:30 PMSat: 8:00 AM-4:00 PMSun: . Even some of the chainsaw manufacturers like Stihl suggest not removing the muffler as it is a standard part of the saw and decreases the backpressure of the saw as well. This could mess up your timing and you won't see any performance gains. Opened up the lower transfers to provide perhaps 20% more surface area and smootherl flow into the untouched uppers. A lightweight chainsaw designed for woodcutting tasks around the home. It affects the torque, power curves, . When porting is done incorrectly, the engine’s power is reduced, and, in severe situations, the engine is destroyed. BellHopper Performance Chainsaws. Chain saw wood carvings of bears. Use a lower grit sander to start on moderate speed. High performance chainsaw porting. In wood porting, ​all you need is to make a few changes to the chainsaw engine such as rejetting or replacing the . The MS 201 T C-M offers a superior power-to-weight ratio for optimal maneuverability and performance read more. Porting and dyeing a 661 black…. If you are unaware of engine modification and fabrication, steer clear of this and let the professionals handle it. 00 TOP SELLERS Bark Box® Muffler Covers Felling Dogs Depth Plate Clutch Covers Falling Gear Exhaust Ports Faller's Suspension Kit Air Cleaner Systems & Maintenance Felling Dogs 3-Point Westcoast Saw™ Felling Dogs From $24. Chainsaws Sub-forums Threads 134 Messages 1. Here's to the brief procedure of porting chainsaw mufflers- First, open up the gut muffler and omit the CAT muffler. Jim Barnes , Michigan chainsaw carving , on site - tree stump carving , (your stump or mine , it should do just fine , if you desire enough , I can carve all kinds of stuff) performing at Fairs , Festivals , Events and Grand Openings , see what a chainsawsculptor can do to increase revenue for your fair or event. Whether you're a homeowner or a professional logger, you can count on Jack's for OEM and aftermarket Husqvarna chainsaw parts. • (2) Check the muffler and exhaust port for carbon build up. It said that Connection refused as image below: I guess it's because of that Chainsaw chooses 4555 as a default port which is not open on my machine. The benefits of porting a chainsaw are that you will get better performance in terms of gas mileage and reduced emissions. 1 History · 2 Emissions · 3 Applications · 4 Different two-stroke design types. I rarely have time to do any used saws, and don’t do repairs or rebuilds, so if you would like to buy a new modified saw of any brand, just send an email to [email protected] Cylinder head porting refers to the process of modifying the intake and exhaust ports of an internal combustion engine to improve quantity of . Remove the chain and the chain bar from the chainsaw. In this video I'll show how I grind the exhaust port on the echo 670. Wipe oil and sawdust from the bar, including from the groove in the bar's rim, by using a rag. A wood carving store with Chainsaw Jack! Custom wood carvings, sculpture ranging from chainsaw carvings of bears like Smokey Bear to totem pole carvings or wildlife art of eagles, salmon even dogs. But if you are not satisfied with the power outcome from your saw, you might consider porting it. 73 and to NY zip code 13417 is only $86. Soak the chain in an ammonia and water solution for 10-20 minutes. It may be just enough to cause you to lose. However, there are also dangers involved with porting your own saw. Many mods such as porting a saw for max rpm can be detrimental when working the saw. After depressing the throttle all the way, hold the chainsaw bar close to a piece of wood. A good technique is to start just over the back and slowly pull the saw through the cut. Sorry for all the questions, not too many people this side of the pond interested in porting chainsaws. Chainsaws are powerful tools that make pruning, cutting and ice sculpting far easier than using a hedge trimmer, an axe or an ice pick. Of course we will tell you why on the product page. OUT OF STOCK - Dominant Wiseco 50mm Piston for 372xp and more. Arctic Cat; Other Engines; Polaris; Ski-Doo; Yamaha; Fuel Systems & Gauges; NARLY Pipes, Y pipes and Mufflers. If you still want to port it, we have some ideas for you. Discover five of the best chainsaws on the market. What does chainsaw porting mean? · The compressor ratio is increased, which results to more power and better performance. Here are some of the ideas - 1st: Enlarge the Exhaust Exhaust path is the gateway to reach the chainsaw's insider part. CUSTOM CHAINSAW OPTIONS ARE HERE! · HIGH-QUALITY EQUIPMENT. This could mess up your timing and you won’t see any performance gains. TCP/UDP Port 0 doesn't officially exist. Never dawg it in, and keep the motor running as smoothly as you can. Carefully empty the oil tank, and place cap back on snuggly. Prepare your chainsaw for porting. Clean the spark plug and check the gap. There are numerous ways to improve the basic chainsaw engine's horsepower (HP) and torque. Load video: RIPSAW Ported 500i with RIPSAW Engine Overhaul . I am looking to send my MS88O in to have it ported. 1-2 weeks prior to the shipping date we ask you to procure a box and packaging materials. A porting tool with a abrassive bit will knock off the coating. It's a reserved system port in TCP/IP networking, used by programmers (or network attackers). The 1082SR kit can be used in 30 cc and larger cylinders, and comes with all the accessories and equipment you need to do chainsaws, dirt bikes, . How to port a chainsaw and increase its cutting power. Every RIPSAW is built to order and enhanced with our RIPSAW Engine Overhaul. We carry a huge selection of replacement Husqvarna chainsaw parts, including chains, bars, sprockets, filters, filing kits, and much more. com - Sculpture Wood, Chainsaw Bears, Bear Carvings. That said, not all saws benefit from the same mods. The chainsaw with the clamshell engine cannot be squished. Single Dominant Ceramic Hybrid Stihl Main Bearing. Despite the fewer teeth, this type of chain sequence is incredibly effective at cutting through wood and doing so quickly thanks to a fast speed of operation. Arctic Cat Tunnels and Chassis; Chassis Components & Parts; Getting Too Hot? Polaris. It is best suited for larger chainsaws, due to the large bar size. Our top pick is the Timber Tuff 24-Inch Portable Saw Mill, which is lightweight, easy to transport, and can handle logs up to 22 inches in width. What do you intend to use the chainsaw for after it is ported? What bar length and type chain? A chainsaw built for milling will likely not be a great cant saw for racing and vis versa. Nearly a thousand self-assembly chainsaws described as "extremely dangerous" are seized at the port of Dover. Providing you with power improvements while improving reliability allowing you to cut faster for longer. the first thing to porting and engine just the basic "improvements" most mass production engines are cast from molds so you will find casting flaws and such all thoughout the bore/jug removeing them will increase flow a lot. Clean the carburetor body and air box. More power over a broader range, runs cooler and longe than stock. We are the top seller of aftermarket chainsaw parts that fit brands like Stihl & Husqvarna We Present high-quality, Made in USA, custom chainsaw parts and . 95 On Sale Firewood ProSizer $64. 7cc model) After not satisfied turning a 16 inch with 325 i start to port this saw I was on. Disassemble your chainsaw and isolate the stock cylinder. Woods Port: 1) A saw that has been dicked with; usually resulting in improved performance, but often times not. Most saw owner finishes their woods porting process at this stage, but you can modify a few things more for even better performance. When you port a saw, or do a MM, you are actually just increasing the volume of air the saw can pump through its internals, then the autotune is . So what do you do when the trusty machine won't start or its chain doesn't move?. Bevel the ports with a lapradory needle file or a grit stone ball, smoth out with sandpaper, what ever. Welcome to BellHopper Performance Chainsaws! As seen on my youtube channel I specialize in Small Engine Repair, Fabrication, Parts & Service - My youtube channel allows me to help others through producing videos on repairs and performance modifications. We offer a variety of parts and services to help your saw run at its maximum capability. After soaking, clean the chain with a bristle brush until you have removed all dirt and grease. Turning the chainsaw upside down will help you to locate the oiler. Carefully empty the fuel tank . As a result, double-check these details before you begin. When filing the actual cylinder port, try not to file away too much material from the bottom or top of the port. Most of the time chainsaw owners are not happy about their chainsaw performance. This necessitates chainsaw adjustment. Restoring & porting a 30 year old Stihl 044. Since this is a race forum, I figured someone on here has to have ported there chainsaw. Click on a pictures to see greater detail and more pictures of selected carving. So you want to port a powersaw?? heres an overview of what tools you need to start. A chainsaw mill is a type of sawmill that cuts clean, even beams or planks from logs. Posted by West Hill Saw House on Tuesday, August 18, 2015. The Chainsaw Forum New posts Small Engine Repairs, Maintenance, Modifications Find out how to fix Chainsaws and other outdoor tools, mostly gas powered, such as Cutoff Saws, Blowers, Trimmers, Edgers, Pressure Washers, Snow Blowers etc. The best way to answer most porting questions is to be saw specific, as what works with one saw does not necessarily work with another saw. Then you will send us the box measurements and weight with the saw packaged on a dry run. CHAINSAWS, MILLING AND FORESTRY EQUIPMENT. I use a ball, needle file, then a hone. Check the starter and the recoil spring. That's why you have to enlarge the exhaust pipe/path. Here's a video of it going into the 372xp. After doing the above two steps, you will experience a better compression ratio from the engine. Clean the oil feed hole on the bar by poking 16-gauge wire through it. For porting or repair estimates contact [email protected] There are a few benefits after the chainsaw porting service is done:. That’s why they are moving to port their chainsaw. Husqvarna 440E II (16") 40cc Consumer Gas Chainsaw. RIPSAW Performance Chainsaw Logo. Port 0 carries special significance in network programming, particularly in the Unix OS when it comes to. Your step is opening up the cylinder wall at the port to your desired width. The Number One Selling Brand of Chainsaws. How do you clean the oil port on a Stihl chainsaw?. What does a ported chainsaw mean?. An example of shipping: 3' Sign Bear BW475 to Los Angeles zip code 91608 is only $52. Clean or change the screen in the muffler. "When safety and dependability are your main objectives we will exceed your expectations" Located in and Serving Oley, PA 610-987-6452. We offer high quality performance porting, a wide variety of performance parts, bars, chains and apparel. FAQ ABOUT PORTING CHAINSAWS!!! 23,361 views23K views. Where applicable we will also advance the flywheel timing. However, if you indeed own on, you should have reasonable know-how in the way it functions. Some chainsaw models are ineligible for porting. Turn 10 hours of cutting into 6! How To Get a RIPSAW: - Purchase a new saw through us - Mail us saws from your collection Mail Your Saw Ported Chainsaws RIPSAW. After rebuilding this turd saw from 2 different saws a ms260 and 026 i kept it mostly with 026 parts except 1 case half, so after bunch of testing and working up in steps to porting this 026 (48. com or fill out this form Custom Cylinder Porting We widen all ports to the optimal size. It’s worth noting that not every chainsaw can be ported. Even the chainsaw will perform more than a non-porting condition. Lets port a powersaw together on video. Slowly shave the excess metal off until the port is smooth. They typically include: opening up the muffler (by grinding, drilling, or adding factory port options), opening up the intake and exhaust ports (by grinding and polishing), lowering the jug by milling or using thin/no gasket to raise the compression (called squish), turning down the piston around the top edge to allow for more squish, and tuning. Porting a saw isnt a very straight forward thing to do. In downtown Allyn, on the west side of Hwy 3 just north of E. In the next step of its evolution, the. The oposite of that is a "race ported" saw. We specialize in 2 stroke porting. A big bore is where you increase the CC of the engine by buying an oversize cylinder and piston. I enjoy working on old McCulloch’s but have experience in other brands as well. What saw do you want ported and who supplies the saw. Cylinder heads, as manufactured, are usually suboptimal for racing applications due to being designed for maximum durability. 3kW engine, this 572XP has a better power-to-weight ratio than any other Husqvarna saw with similar displacement, and 12% higher cutting capacity than the previous equivalent models. And advancing the timing (to get past ignition delay), causing the engine to consume more volume of fuel & air, resulting in higher power output. I've got bigger saws including a 70cc so no I'm not trying to get away with too small a saw for too big of a job. We researched dozens of chainsaw mills, judging them on sturdiness, portability, ease of use, and accuracy. meaning more air/fuel moveing though the engine more fuel and air yay! we want more air and fuel moveing though the engine. Saw porting has got to be the most over hyped and misunderstood nonsense out there about chainsaws. Of course, what other reasons would . Get the air in and heat out as fast as possible, but still usable. Cylinder Porting for Dummies. Ported 036 pro shooting them chips and hungry for more of this hard wood. Our porting services start at $300 for a woods port, which consists of measurement and adjustment of intake, transfer and exhaust port timings, muffler modifications, gasket matching, squish band clearance measurement and modification. Once the cotaing is knocked off you can use a round rasp and a chainsaw file on the aluminum with amazing results. This put the intake right at the limit - 78 degrees… which means I did zero port work there. In 1837, the New York State Legislature approved and enacted the name change into law. 372xp saw build with new Dominant Saw /WISECO piston. Chainsaw porting is the modification/increase of the intake, transfer, size & shape of the exhaust port of a chainsaw engine cylinder. I'm pretty sure the output after the porting and muffler work will put this 50cc saw easily in the same performance area as a stock 60cc pro saw but with the super light weight and ergonomics the 2252 2253 / 545 550 are praised for. A "woods ported" saw, is made to run day in and day out. Michigan Chainsaw Carving , Chainsaw Carver , Tree Carving. Make sure there is no oil or gas in the chainsaw before you do anything. Varies from saw to saw, there are always models that turn out. A few things you should discuss with any builder you choose before sending money, parts or chainsaws to them. Topics from Square grinding, to saw Porting, to Themed Chainsaws, to basic chainsaw maintenance. If you want more information you can call our chainsaw carving instructor, George Kenny at 360-710-5250. At the same time, it will increase the work progress rate. The more information you exchange ahead of time, the smoother things will go and the less chance of unpleasant surprises. All ports are moved to our proven timing numbers. 058G 84DL HEATED HANDLE CHAINSAW. You get not only the mechanics behind chainsaw carving but also the business background on how to make money or even make a living out of chainsaw carving. Husqvarna 346xp Quad port AM cylinder. His wood statues can be seen in the Danville & Pleasanton areas. On your shipping date please package the saw, attach the label and drop off the package at a UPS location. RIPSAW will inspect and certify your saw for performance and quality control before repackaging your saw. Changing the carburetor settings with a plugged muffler may result in the saw running to lean when the carbon build up is cleaned out. (SWIPE TO THE FAR RIGHT AND WORK YOUR WAY BACK IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. You will be making a couple of alterations like changing the shape of the cylinder hear, fine-tuning the timing of the port, and replacing the carburetor. Click here for Chainsaw Spark Plugs. What condition is the saw in, some porters prefer only brand new saws and some are willing to do complete rebuilds for a fee. You can buy a new 372 for $800 or $900. Yes, some theories do apply to all saws, but the best way to see what works is to change one thing, then run the saw. Woods porting may be any of a number of things. Log in or sign up to leave a comment. Logged Stihls: 440R, 361, 360, 310, 260, 211, 020T. Remove all of the engine’s components, as well as the body of the chainsaw, unscrewing all of the cover’s parts. so now you got your jug from your chainsaw you can see in from the bottom end though the exhaust opening/port and though the intake where . As the small village grew and thrived, some residents pushed for a name change from Saw Pit to the more impressive-sounding “Port Chester,” after Chester, in England, the birthplace of many early settlers. We will take this information and send you a shipping label. Ian was service supervisor for McCulloch Australasia and so when they moved to the Mid North Coast in 1972, began repairing chainsaws in his shed at home . it will increase chainsaw performance. 00 dollor Earthquake that I'm porting. This is TJ's new recommended kit for porting modern Scooters, chainsaws, MX bikes, . You may occasionally require more power than your chainsaw provides by default. AC 1100 Turbo 4stroke; Crankshop Pipes; Front Dump Exhaust; Jaws Pipes; SLP Pipes; Toomey Pipes; Snowmobile Chassis and Tunnels. Open the cylinder ports and polish it very carefully. New England Saws is a performance chainsaw builder and milling supplier. Once the cotaing is knocked off you can use a round rasp and a chainsaw file . Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, . 00 4-Pt Pro Safety Felling Dogs. Here are a number of things you could do for woods porting your chainsaw. At that point, you will turn off the chainsaw and let the chain brake go. How to port a chainsaw professionally. Modify the transfer ports of the compressor. After getting done with it, make sure to re-tune the carburetor. For example, it can void any warranties on your equipment. A muffler mod is an easier more straight forward option. What is chainsaw porting? Chainsaw porting is the modification/increase of the intake, transfer, size & shape of the exhaust port of a chainsaw engine cylinder. Ports are like doorways on a computer; every program that has network or Internet connectivity uses a specific port on the computer to connect in or out. 610-987-6452 - Get the best equipment for your tree and lawn care from Bortz's Chainsaw Shop. Select a category below, or use our Husqvarna Parts Lookup. Hours: Daily 9-6 (Call to verify) Local health policies may affect hours and access. 1 Piston-controlled inlet port; 4. Directions: George Kenny's Chainsaw Carving. When asked for a recommendation between the 372 and 576, Scott said the Stihl 461 was the only non stratofied saw left in that size range and they would be discontinued soon. 2) Wanking in the woods with a modified saw. How to port chainsaw part 4: What tools do you need?. He also does onsite tree sculpture. Port Alberni, British Columbia V9Y 4E6. You rely on your chainsaw to get the job done quickly so you can move on to the other chores on your very long list. Our goal is to achieve the biggest power gains as possible, while maintaining reliability on your 2-stroke engine. What does chainsaw porting mean? There are many ways to modify your saw, and chainsaw exhaust porting is only one of them. Deleted the base gasket so the jug dropped and my squish went from. What does it mean to port a chainsaw?. If you don't see any oil splattering onto the surface of the wood, the chain bar is not sufficiently lubricated. Clean the fins on the flywheel. That's why they are moving to port their chainsaw. Meanwhile In research, this is proven the engine speed will increase by 20% to 40% without thrusting the engine health. In this part I show how to lay out your port heights so that you can hit your numbers easily and not go to far!!Thanks for watching!!. Clean the cooling fins on the cylinder. Dominant Ceramic Hybrid 6203 Main Bearings. Husqvarna Chainsaw Parts at Jack's. Poke the wire into the oil outlet port on the body of the saw to remove sawdust and dirt that may block it. So this afternoon I went down to my Stihl dealer and bought one (and another MS150 also). A legend power saw builder and close friend is takin' time to show me the ropes from the ground up on chainsaw porting. While this is not a big deal in everyday work, it does cost you a little time in a race. A full component chain arrangement features a bar of at least 24-inches and fewer teeth than other chain types. Has the builder done that model saw before and how many?. We use computer design software to maximize power and torque at any elevation. These little jewel like pistons are the creme-de-la-creme of chainsaw pistons. Replace bar, chain and sprocket Apply ceramic and heat dissipating coatings, custom graphics and other modifications based on customer preference The completed Bakerization process results in a much more powerful saw, with the following enhancements: Significantly reduced rolling friction loss Less vibration Faster cutting Less time to full RPM. Hollowpoint Titanium Wrist Pin 12mm. 7K B fuel supply problems - and fuel line confusion 20 minutes ago. Set Dominant Ceramic Hybrid 6202 Main Bearings. Porting the chainsaw is a method that aids in achieving a greater compressor ratio within the saw chainsaw. Follow these easy steps to safely ship your chainsaw. Our Chainsaw Customization Process · Replace steel crank bearings with custom ceramic bearings · Plane the cylinder to reduce cylinder height · Port and polish . The hype has led to massively over-inflated egos by the. From machine work to porting, . DO NOT grind away the topmost lip, this is the seat for the valve and damage will cause leakage. We run every saw after modification to ensure. You can easily wreck a cylinder by doing it wrong mate. Porting a chainsaw is a complex task and requires a special familiarity, sill, and knowledge with engines and tools in general. Generally the woods port is a less radical version than race porting, as the woods port is done on a saw that is intended to be a work saw run all day in the woods. Glen Sievert does all types of chainsaw art, bear carvings, eagles & more. Mufflers are modded with appearance in mind as well as performance. Last time I paid for a port job, it was $325 (including return overrated two words associated with a chainsaw as the world turns word. Favorite Chainsaw 'Builders' list. In normal operation, unless a firewall has been installed or enabled on a computer, al. If you are looking for aftermarket chainsaw parts, please support my channel by buying from these guys http://www. (601) Our most powerful gasoline-powered handheld blower, designed for landscaping professionals. Ports can be modified for maximum power, minimum fuel consumption, or a combination of the two, and the power delivery characteristics can be changed to suit a particular application. Restoring & porting a 30 year old Stihl 044 : Chainsaw. Port heights and widths are set for increased cut speed and longevity. As soon as it is boxed up, you will receive an email with a completion notice and tracking information. If you don't know how to do it, watch a few videos on YouTube.